Hansa Market

Hansa Market

Hansa Market is by many of their fans considered as the rising star of dark web markets. Some say it should be the number one market, others call it the most secure dark web market. We'll have a closer look.

First let me tell you, I love the name Hansa! The Hanseatic League, also called Hansa, was a medieval trading group founded by north German towns and German merchant communities abroad to protect their mutual trading interests. The league dominated commercial activity in northern Europe from the 13th to the 15th century.

Now centuries later we have a dark web market, that just lives up to this centuries old tradition to protect mutual trading interests, in other words free trade.

Let’s check out their website:

Here we have a market with a contemporary design and the best thing is, you can browse it without creating a user account first! However, some are being annoyed by this kind of ‘modernity’. A recent blog post on another dark web blog that is not related to Hansa Market, but to professional looking dark web sites, stated:

“The websites had a very clean, professional look and vibe to them … they’ve ousted themselves by trying to appear professional – something that goes against the grain of this community.”

‘Against the grain of this community?’ What is the grain of this community? C’mon dude, get real! You should go and buy a time machine with your bitcoins and go back to the early nineties. You will feel comfortable there with your approach of how a website should look. Secondly, it seems you know nothing about ‘this community’ you are talking about.

Let’s get back to our topic.

Three remarkable features are shown on top of their website:

1. Multisig escrow

Optional 2-of-3 multisig for buyers and 2-of-2 multisig as a fallback for buyers that do not want to bother with multi-signature. Money can never be accessed by the market staff. Theft is impossible.

2. No Bitcoin deposits

Every order has its unique Bitcoin address similar to BitPay’s or Coinbase’s payment system. Buyers have 15 minutes to pay the order and do not have to wait for deposits to arrive. (In other words buyers don’t have to maintain a balance in their Hansa Market account, in order to purchase goods or services. You order and you pay for this order only.)

3. No Finalize Early

We do not support FE (Finalize Early) or partial escrow releases and we don’t have to! The multisignature escrow makes it impossible for the site staff or vendors to steal any Bitcoins.

The latter is in our opinion maybe the greatest feature! This feature will ensure, that you are getting what you’ve paid for. Not scam attempts by vendors who lure you into a ‘finalize early’ deal and once you’ve paid disappear in thin air.

Currently we find more than 39,000 listings on the Hansa Market, though a lot of nonsense listings in their ‘Service’ and ‘Digital Goods’ sections, but that is the same on all markets. For example, before buying a British drivers license photoshop template or passport template on the dark web, check out offers on the clearnet, they might be of the same quality and even cheaper. On every dark web market we find lots of freeloaders and parasites, who are selling ‘important and secret’ pdf guides that are freely available on the clearnet. Our advise: Google before buying!

Let’s concentrate on what most users of the Hansa Market are looking for: Drugs. With more than 17,000 listings, there should be something for everyone.

Notable is also that the sale of weapons, explosives, poison and murder-for-hire services are forbidden.

As usual when reviewing a market we’d like to order some treats: This time some Marijuana strains from a high rated vendor. The package arrived within three days within the EU and the quality and quantity exceeded our expectations. If you are lucky you’ll find such little gems out there: Honest vendors, who sell well priced and top quality stuff.

Our advise: Instead of ordering larger quantities with one vendor, order a little here and there and once you are satisfied, go for more.

Their support staff is responding to concerns in a timely and helpful manner. The only few negative comments we could find on a few websites are from obvious trolls. In addition the website is loading pretty fast for a .onion site and the recorded uptime of 99.05% at the time of writing, according to dnstats, is the highest of any of the monitored markets.


For the moment Hansa Market is our dark web market of choice: User friendly, impressive uptime, very secure, and sufficient listings to meet the demands of most regular dark web market buyers.

Hansa’s .onion link

Epilogue: The Hansa market was infiltrated by Dutch law enforcement on June 20 and shut down on July 20, in collaboration with Europol, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in different countries.















  • Exit scam proof
  • Multisig and normal escrow
  • No FE (Finalize Early)
  • Great usability for visitors and users
  • Members forum


  • Limited listings
: 9.0
: 7.0
: 7.0
: 8.0
: 9.0
: 9.0
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