Grams mixing service Helix refuses to tumble WannaCry coins

Grams mixing service Helix refuses to tumble WannaCry coins

Sometimes I am sitting down, reflecting a bit and wonder how far can hypocrisy really go? Today I had such a moment.

Let me first say, I really love Grams. What a jewel and showcase project for the dark web. As clean as Google and surely, the obviously intended similarities cannot be ignored. Grams is a masterpiece!

Today I sorted out some stuff on Grams and while doing so, came across their Helix mixing services once again. A service I long wanted to try, since they claim to get you not only clean, but new bitcoins for your dirty ones. In the bitcoin world ‘new’ means newly mined coins, that have never been used before. A real treat…

Well, today I left Grams and their Helix service disappointed and confused. Here is why:

On the front page of the ‘Helix light’ mixing service is not only one warning, but two. Both are referring to the recent ‘WannaCry’ cyberattack:

Grams has never condoned any actions that harm other people, extortion is no different. Therefore if any bitcoins from the WannaCry attacks are sent through helix they will be confiscated and given to charity. This is a warning to whom ever is behind the attacks.

Nice gesture to warn whoever is behind the ‘WannaCry’ attacks and surely they will not only laugh at you, but find another mixing service. There are a few around on the clearnet. I’ve used a couple of them and they are all working fine, so no worries here about getting scammed. Secondly they don’t ask any questions.

But that is not the point!

We, and I mean the regular dark web users, are all aware of the obstacles on the way and the necessity to keep our computers safe and secure. And no one is feeling pity if one is getting malware intruded because of negligence.

The ‘WannaCry’ attack was only possible because people neglected to update their software as they should, didn’t backup their data as they should, or in many cases worked with an outdated OS (Windows XP). Windows XP was introduced in 2001 (15 years ago) and the latest service pack was released in 2008 (9 years ago). So why for Christ’s sake are they still working with such old crap?

I really don’t feel sorry for any of the victims. If they don’t know how to keep their IT environment in order and up-to-date, they should face the music.

Now back to Grams and Helix and where the hypocrisy comes into play:

So Grams warned that bitcoins originating from the ‘WannaCry’ attack and send through Helix to mix them, will be confiscated and given to charity. We come back to this topic later.

Now let’s have a look at the common Helix clients. First we have the drug vendors of course. Grams is listing all listings from the major markets, not taking care who is buying ‘high grade’ heroin for example. It could be underage teenagers, who might overdose – and die!

Still there is no warning that drug vendors should not mix their bitcoins with Helix!

Look, some of the listings are even sticky listings (paid advertisements).

Let’s have a look at another search result. We searched for ‘Glock’. Glock is a premium gun manufacturer in Austria.

Wow, we found 519 results.

All guns listed are of course sold illegally and possession of such handguns is a criminal offence in most countries.

Still there is no warning on Grams Helix page, that weapon dealers are not allowed to use their mixing services.

Why not?

Let’s make one thing clear: I have personally no problem with selling guns, drugs or even hitman-for-hire services on the dark web.

There is a market for everything and as long as there is demand, there will be supply. As a libertarian I strongly believe in free trade.

What I can’t accept, and here the hypocrisy kicks in, is that proceeds from a rather harmless malware, that is only finding its way in victims PC’s because of negligence and doesn’t kill nobody can’t be mixed with Helix, but proceeds from hard drug sales and weapons can.

To conclude this article let’s get back to the ‘WannaCry’ coins that are given to charity, if mixed with Grams’ Helix services.

To which charity?

To the National Center for Victims of Crime or to Shatterproof for victims of drugs?

Bottom line, we don’t have such censorship, or call it restrictions, by service providers on the clearnet, why should we accept it on the dark web?

Grams’ .onion link