Crime Bay by the Chechen Mob shut down by authorities

Crime Bay by the Chechen Mob shut down by authorities

The popular hitman-for-hire market ‘Crime Bay by the Chechen Mob’ was shut down by the UK’s National Crime Agency in collaboration with Bulgarian law enforcement authorities.

Accessing their website at http://4ryvrw3zjw7tcsuk.onion the page loads with the following message:

“This website is under investigation and its data has been seized by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Bulgarian National Unit for Combatting Serious Organised Crime.

If you have visited this website for the purpose of using its services or have previously used its services you could have committed a criminal offence, including solicitation to murder. In the UK solicitation to murder can carry a penalty of life imprisonment.

The NCA and international law enforcement partners are identifying and prosecuting the users of this website. The NCA will continue to pursue the users of services such as these on the dark or open web.”

No further information could be found online yet. Also, it is not known if arrests were made and led to the closure of Crime Bay, or as so often OPSEC related issues.

‘Crime Bay by the Chechen Mob’ started offering their service back in 2013. Among hitman-for-hire services, arson and assault could be ordered as well.

We will follow-up on this story once more information is available.