AlphaBay will add Ethereum to its payment options

AlphaBay will add Ethereum to its payment options

AlphaBay is implementing Ethereum acceptance and the new currency, including deposits and withdrawals, will be fully operational on May 1st, 2017.

One of the most well-known dark markets is starting to accept ethereum in the coming days. A moderator for AlphaBay announced on Reddit that it would integrate ethereum payments as from the 1st May.

According to a PGP-signed moderator post on the AlphaBayMarket subreddit, recent price increases drove the integration decision.

He wrote:

“We are currently laying out the framework to make ETH acceptance possible, and we will enable ethereum deposits and withdrawals starting May 1st, 2017. Vendors wishing to accept ethereum can edit their listings and set the ‘Accept ETH’ to ‘On’ in order to be able to be paid in ethereum.”

It is not the first time AlphaBay has looked to digital currencies beyond bitcoin. In August 2016 the market announced the integration of privacy-centric digital currency monero as a payment.

The moderator also indicated that other platform upgrades are pending:

“We have plenty of new stuff in the works, so expect more updates in the near future”.

AlphaBay is currently the largest dark web marketplace by margin.

Epilogue: AlphaBay was shut down on July 5 by Dutch law enforcement, in collaboration with Europol, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in different countries.